Rainbow Confetti Ring - PollyW
Rainbow Confetti Ring - PollyW

Wide Rainbow Confetti Ring

So juicy it's fit to burst! This ring is a mermaid merry–go-round of color -- deep purples, forest greens and peony pinks -- giving this rainbow ring a touch of magic. Perfect on its own or the conductor to add to your jewelry orchestra.
Kindly note: each confetti ring is unique, one-of-a-kind and unpredictable -- the product of a specialized manufacturing process that we've developed over many years. It is the heart and soul of the cast-not-set process and the Polly Wales style.
Metal: 18K Yellow Gold
Stones: Rainbow Sapphires (~ 2.5 ct)
Band Width: Wide (5.75 mm)
Size: US 9.5
Sku: R-CONF-RWY-06848