ABOUT Polly Wales

POLLY WALES’ renegade approach to jewellery has deep roots. Its origin-point can be traced back to the United Kingdom in the 90s, where she spent her youth submerged in the national counter-culture movement and rave scene. Not only was this a time of social and political upheaval, but it was one of unabashed creative freedom. It was a world where, through experimental music and vibrant artistic expression, true success meant living a life free from constraints.

This belief system was enduring, solidifying a rather anarchic approach to all of her creative pursuits. It’s what led her to create her pioneering Cast-not-Set technique whilst working towards her Masters at The Royal College of Art—a process where diamonds and sapphires are thrown into molten gold to create one-of-a-kind, unexpected treasures.

TWO DECADES of rebellion

POLLY’S WORK was once perceived as leftfield. But now, Polly is seen as the figurehead of a new aesthetic and genre of jewellery. Over the last two decades, she has been driven by two powerful desires: to push industry boundaries and to—quite frankly—fuck the norm.

In 2013, her partner James Firman joined her studio. With a background in photography and sculpture—not to mention his uncanny ability to do anything he puts his hands to—James trained himself to be a caster. Not only does he physically shape new iconic Polly Wales pieces by hand, but he also built custom equipment and machinery to work on, giving their design house full autonomy over their production and process. 

Together, Polly and James continue to refine and elevate their craft. Today, their Los Angeles-based studio has now grown to encompass a small, extraordinarily passionate team of skilled goldsmiths and wax sculptors—all trained to Polly’s equally anarchic and exacting vision. Their collective goal is simple. Polly Wales exists to champion jewelry as a way to channel creativity and maintain freedom. 

“What I love about jewellery is that they are tokens of love—tokens of celebration and commemoration. It’s the language of love and the craft is an act of joy.


WHO’S MAKING your jewellery?

WHEN THE POLLY WALES TEAM left their UK home, they were an eager group of five. Today, they’ve grown to a seasoned team of 10. Not only are their goldsmiths and wax sculptors all trained in Polly’s industry-bending processes, but the entire crew is dedicated to sharing objects of joy. In short, they look after their people in and outside of their workshop walls——because this endeavor would be nothing without their people crafting the pieces.