Ring Sizing and Fit

We get a lot of questions on how to find the perfect fit, an important and often confusing part of the jewellery process. You don't want your ring flying off while you're dancing at a show, but you also don’t want your ring so tight that it cuts off your circulation on a hot summer day.

General Rule of Thumb

Everyone is different—that’s the fun part. As such, we recommend a different fit and feel depending on your finger type. If your knuckle is the widest part of your finger, your ring should slide over your knuckle reasonably easily and take a bit of force (plus a wiggle or two) to get it off. If you have less defined knuckles that taper to a broader finger base, we recommend a snug fit—we don’t want to hear of any nightmare-ring-slipping-off scenarios.

Fluctuating Hands

Our hands constantly fluctuate throughout the day, the year, and our lives. There are many factors that play into this—the weather, time of the month, or those late-night fries that you very much deserved—so it's best to measure a few different times before deciding on your final size.

Ring Shape & Width

Wide rings take up more real estate on the finger—they’ll feel tighter and might mean you’ll need a bigger size to compensate. Narrow rings are more forgiving, meaning you can get away with a smaller size. We offer full and half US ring sizes.