In the spirit of telling it straight, the terms ethical and sustainable—specifically within the jewellery industry—are muddy. Handling and documenting materials, no matter where they’re sourced from, is a complex challenge that we’re incredibly mindful of. Unless your jeweller owns their own stone mine, very little about ethics and sustainability can be said in confidence, which is why we simply refuse to green-wash our efforts. So we’ll continue to trudge through the mud and be honest about how we conduct business. Because like most of us have realized, we need to move through life with intention. We need to make mindfully. We need to build for the long-term. Nothing that we do—from the jobs we provide people to the objects we craft—should be disposable or looked-over.


Our ability to produce the highest quality fine jewellery only goes as far as we can adhere to our ethics and values. Everything we do happens in our Los Angeles-based design house by a small team of skilled goldsmiths, wax sculptors, sales professionals, and creatives trained to Polly’s equally anarchic and exacting vision. Under our roof, everyone is compensated beyond a living wage, provided with paid time-off, offered company-sponsored health insurance, and supported by an enriching working environment.


To paint the rainbow, we need to source stones from around the world. While we source stones of the highest quality and standard (Kimberley-certified and AGTA-approved)—and try our hardest to find diamonds that are either recycled or vintage stones—stone sourcing is without a doubt the murkiest part of our industry. Frankly, it’s where the overwhelming majority of the greenwashing in our industry happens. And accreditations only stand for so much—try and imagine tracking the chain from mines in Madagascar, to the stone cutters in Antwerp, to PWFJ HQ or any other jeweller, This isn’t an area where we can honestly claim ethical standards. The best we can do is offer transparency.

Our gold comes from a completely closed-loop supply chain that drastically reduces waste. We work with one of the few fully recycled gold suppliers globally, exclusively purchasing and using recycled gold that has been reclaimed from a variety of sources. Scrap gold is a lovely result of the gold-cast and jewelry-making process—we make sure it all gets recycled, refined, and celebrated.